Donau-Universität Krems, 2000


client: MBA/ Donube University Krems
curator: Marika Ofner

The Perable was also presented at Making It, Vienna, 2000 (curated by Mark Gilbert and Wolfgang Niederwieser), and at Reserve der Form (curated by Angelika Fitz), Künstlerhaus Vienna, 2004.




Sabine Ott

The Perable is a prototypical example of transparadiso’s working method which often questions, shifts or expands the brief. transparadiso was asked to design a room devider for two seminar rooms of the MBA-program at the Danube University. In the course of the conversations with the clients and students they could be convinced that the room devider should assume a different shape, transgressing the spatial devide which turned out to be not necessary. Instead, the room devider would offer qualities relating to the context of the everyday of the international participants of the MBA class. Thus the Perable was developed as an object for appropriation, in between relaxing and getting rid of aggressions–and as a new spatial focus and signifier for the MBA class. The Perable was inaugarated by the karate master Borut Mauhler (Ljubljana).