So close so far

Installation at the BUWOG Facade, Vienna



competition: 2006

client: BUWOG, Hietzinger Kai, Vienna

in cooperation with Grita Insam Gallery

realization 2008


Iris Ranzinger

Voices and images received from satellite dishes often talk more to us then we talk to eachother. They insert parallel worlds into our living rooms, accompanied by the promise to partake in the world. Satellite dishes became a signifier of housing. They mark the urban space and are considered an unwanted extra aesthetic by architects. The apartment building with the headquarters of the BUWOG housing company turns its off-side towards the traffic driven street of the Hietzinger Kai. So near so far shows a huge satellite dish consisting of many individual dishes which are swirling around like pixels trying to communicate with the cars passing by. The fassade thus takes up direct contact with the passerby, turning into a vis--vis which asks questions about our many times onedimensional way of communicating.