Housing Frohnleiten Gartengasse/ Styria (A)

invited competition, 3rd prize, 2017


invited competition, 2017
Commissioner: ennstal Wohnbaugenossenschaft/ ennstal housing company


In cooperation with: Dipl.Ing. Christian Nuhsbaumer
Team transparadiso: Christoph Rössler, Patrick Salutt, Lukas Erlacher

Landscape architecture: Liz Zimmermann/ paisagista

In the small town of Frohnleiten (north of Graz, A) transparadiso conceived a housing project with 24 apartments on a narrow strip located on a hill, thus being determined by strong restrictions. The goal of the concept was to offer the same living qualities for all apartments by orientating them on two sides, and if possible across the corner. A parking garage connects all buildings inspite of the difficult constraints of the location.

The concept offers a series of contained buildings which follow the principle of iteration with slight modifications. The construction in wood refers to the local building techniques and also shows in the facades, which will be covered by vertical wood lamellas. The project thus creates an identity which can be seen from afar.