Quartier Bienvenue, Vienna, 2017
1st prize competition, realization


Housing companies: WBV-GPA, EBG

Architects: transparadiso, M&S Architekten, gerner°gerner plus

Landscape architecture: YEWO LANDSCAPES

Social cooperation partners: Caritas and Jugend am Werk

Building physics:
Dr.Pfeiler ZT GmbH
Civil engineering:
Buschina&Partner ZT GmbH

Brandschutz (fire protection): Erich Zöhrer ZT

Competition 1st stage: Nov.2016
Competition 2nd stage: Mai 2017


Team transparadiso: Johannes Längauer, Daniel Wegerer, Lukas Erlacher, Patrick Salutt



This socially and societally engaged project will be an example for new forms of living together, drawing on the manifold aspects of our heterogenious society as qualities for establishing new communal life and creating new communities together with our many cooperation partners. Being located next to the Ankerbrotfabrik (a bread factory with a longstanding Viennese tradition) the Bienvenue Quarter creates a connection between the diverse neighborhoods: the „LoftCity“  the public housing „Ankerbrotgrunde“, the Kempelenstraße (temporarily used as housing for refugees and students, among other uses) and the recreation area and traditional amusement park of the Bohemian Prater.

For people of different generations of immigration, recent refugees and homebased people, addressing as well different life generations we are developing diverse formats of housing with special additional programs: cultural facilities (like a foreign language library), a „spice kitchen“ for all residents, a collective living room, a home for students and refugees (180 micro-apartments), assisted housing/ shared apartments or senior citizens (Caritas) as well as for young people (Jugend am Werk), 219 subsidized apartments, a collective garden and much more. Jugend am Werk will also create vocational training facilities and workshops for young people. The objects produced will be sold in a design shop in the Bienvenue Quarter.

The public space continues from the LoftCity into the Anker-Boulevard with seating and offers for the youth (arena for skateboard etc.). The workshops, cultural spaces, Anker-Café, grocery store and design-shop are all orientated towards the boulevard. Gradually this urban public space develops into an intimate space inside the „greenn courtyard“ of the Bienvenue Quarter, where a community garden will be installed in collaboration with the local migrant community.
Additional offers are located on the roof of the home for students and refugees (a multifunctional sports square with evening lighting and view on the „Tangente“/ highway), on the roof of the building facing the Ankerbrot-Factory (tenant gardens, a boccia-field, shower) and a collective roof terrace on the workshop and culture building.