Call Against the Border

Festival of Regions 2019
/ Public Art Lower Austria


The dialog is based on contributions by:
Anna Maria Brandstätter, Franz Edlinger, Peter Gstöttmaier, Ewa Hanushevsky, Bohdan Hanushevsky, Sarah Kamleitner, Reinhard Leonhartsberger, Eckhard Oberklammer, Pelin Ovat, Ted Pawloff, Heidi Pölzguter, Lothar Pühringer, Nikolaus Prinz, Andrea Taspinarli, Hubert Tazreiter, Markus Teufel, Volksschule St.Nikola (grade school students of the 3rd and 4th grade), Roland Wegerer;
including excerpts from:
"Wenn nein, nein", August Strindberg and Frida Uhl (1893-94)

Anna Maria Brandstätter, kohelet3 (Bohdan and Ewa Hanushevsky), Christine Scholl, Andrea Taspinarli and the Brass Band of St.Nikola


In cooperation with Public Art Lower Austria

Thanks to:
Katrina Petter (Public Art Lower Austria), Christine Bruckbauer, Christian Enzendorfer, Anna Maria Brandstätter, Walter Edtbauer (Lebenshilfe Grein), Brigitte Greisinger (Grade School St.Nikola), Lothar Pühringer (Kulturstadtrat Grein), Nikolaus Prinz (Mayor St.Nikola), Franz Kriener (Mayor Neustadtl), Johannes Pressl (Mayor Ardagger), Gundolf Rajakovics, Erwin Uhrmann

Photos: Nick Mangafas (Grein)/ FdR, Josef Gusenbauer (Neustadtl)

The border between two regions, Upper Austria and Lower Austria, which is a fluid border in the Strudengau (Upper Austria) defined in the middle of the River Danube, serves as point of departure for discussing the manifold notions and appearances of borders in our thinking and acting, for possibly overcoming geographical, imaginary, symbolic and mental borders in the contested current state of our society in Europe and beyond. Even though this border is harmless in comparison to international borders and the growing "walled Europe" local residents are affected by it in their daily life due to different laws in Upper Austria and Lower Austria. In this way this geographically local border points at larger issues of our society and living together.

Based on workshops and conversations with locals we developped a visionary, fictional, experimental dialog „across the border" in a collaborative process, including excerpts of the correspondence between August Strindberg and Frida Uhl (1893-1894).
The Call Against the Border was performed with two large scale megaphones (connecting to „Times of Dilemma“) across the River Danube by local people and artists of diverse backgrounds – a new experience for all of them.

With "Call against the Border", transparadiso creates a public performance that resonates the voices of the population and their concerns as well as possible controversial attitudes. Maintaining the culture of dialogue - across ideological and personal boundaries and interests, which also puts a new focus on listening - is essential for transparadiso in times of growing emotional and social coldness to establish new qualities of coexistence in the community.


Dates and locations:

Sat, 29.06 | 17:00 - 18:00
Grein: Donaulände (Upper Austria) < > ferry landing/ Neustadtl (Lower Austria)

Fri, 05.07 | 18:30 - 19:30
St.Nikola: Church (Upper Austria) < > beach Neustadtl (Lower Austria)

Sun, 07.07 | 16:30 - 17:30
Mauthausen: Riverside Poschacherstraße (Upper Austria) < > bike trail Enns-Pyburg (Lower Austria)