Neue Mitte Lehen, Salzburg, Austria
Open competition, honorable mention, 2003


client: Stadt Salzburg

volumes: 80 mio €

 “neue mitte lehen” _ salzburg _ 2003 [competition_2.honorable mention]


Restructuring and renewal of an underprivileged area after the the soccer stadium had been relocated to the outskirts of Salzburg; a new center with mixed use (office, shopping etc.) and a senior citizen’s home should create a new image for the area. The project makes use of the prohibition to build in the Eastern part of the site by creating an artificial hill for special use (interior: additional spaces, workshops, studios, storage) and as recreation area. The shopping area is intertwined with the office building, creating an ample public space (poolpoh) with links between indoors and outdoors through generous ramps which can also be used after closing hours.

Together with the Stadtwerk:Lehen by transparadiso and a project for the new senior citizen's home in Lehen by Herold/Touzimsky the project for Neue Mitte Lehen (which was won and realized by Halle 1) is an anchor point for the urban and social renewal of Lehen. Together the three projects won the Otto-Wagner-Design-Award.