Max-Reinhardt-Platz Salzburg

Design for the Max-Reinhardt-Square, Salzburg

invited competition, 2003



Partners: Konrad Schermann/ Werner Stolfa and Bernd Vlay

Team: Paul Vabitsch

transparadiso focuses on the extraordinary location in the historical city center which is characterized by a strong presence of high culture and art galleries, and suggests to use this unique chance to add a contemporary aspect to the inner city for everyday use as well as for the Salzburg Festival. The central element of the new design is the café (in the bubble), surrounded by a spiral catwalk accessible to the inhabitants of Salzburg 365 days a year, as a vis-à-vis to the temporary event of the prestigious and exclusive Salzburg Festival Hall, with the offices being molded into the square. The project aims at creating a contemporary experimental counter part to the historical significance of this old part of the city.