European Cultural Capital Graz 2003, 
pilot project for youth culture



Transparadiso’s temporary housing project for the youth for the Cultural Capital Graz 2003 consisted of adapted existing structures (indoor bases) as well as autonomous experimental new types (outdoor bases). The selected sites were coordinated with the sites of the events and used existing infrastructures (bathrooms etc.). two specific types were developed as outdoor bases: the „polyslooms“ and the „flying kaza“. Both worked with recycling materials, yet having a different aesthetic expression: The polyslooms were a more urban and tecno-orientated accommodation whereas the flying kaza was based on yurts, offering a chillout.

In addition to the accomodation other elements were developed like the „navi surpris“, a mobile event platform (which transparadiso then developed into the „indikatormobil“, a tool for „direct urbanism“) and the „culture bag“, a multifunctional towel and image carrier for access.all.areas. The elements altogether created an urban layer for youth culture which was meant to establish a permanent structure beyond the occasion of the Cultural Capital.