Sites as Set

Europan 5, 1998
Rovinj/ Croatia (runner up)


a project by transbanana (until 1999: Paul Rajakovics, Bernd Knaller-Vlay, Margarethe Müller)


Lotte Schreiber


The landscape and nature of the floodplain forest is strategically used:  The areas for the buildings of the technology park are cut out as “islands” so that the representation of the buildings steps back in favor of nature and a logo-area above the roof/ the wood- which can widely be seen from the adjacent highway.

The Magic Panorama with the sea as empty center visualizes the tension between enforced development and orchestrated standstill, typical for tourist areas like Rovinj: the coastline, the mythical horizon of the sea and its mythical borders - Rovinj and Muca - form a circle of a magic panorama: 3 dots, A, B, C (Hypermarket/Supermarket/X-Change) set the coastline under tension: different speeds, as well as programs of non-determined extension (CLOUDS), initiated on specific spots, generate a hyperactive beachzone, a dense "parcours" of enhanced use-value: together with the PARA-SITE (zone for possible micro-economies) which contaminates the housing-area, the PARA-COURS builds those spaces of surplus-value that undermine dominant developments without hindering their flux.

The ‘Upside-Downs’ grow upside down: density and possible formations are determined primarily by the site's inclined topography and the upper floor (viewbox). Each apartment offers a mythical panorama: Rovinj - horizon of the sea - Muca.
The elastic zone for dynamic densification according to the individual needs is located underneath the standard unit (viewbox/roofgarden/mainfloor). The groundfloor itself is devoted to temporary occupations. Its part-time-mode acts with excesses of presence and absence that form the familiar hard time-rhythms of tourist areas.

Lasting for days, weeks, or even months the "multiple absences" of the various apartment-owners lead to the question of alternative, unique occupying strategies:
the ground constitutes the non-privatized area of the Upside-Downs. As a space that is preserved for temporary appropriations the ground is at the disposal of whoever is actually there.