Shrinking Cities


Liverpool < > Ivanovo, 2004



Sonia Leimer

the impossibility of resolving the global questions being posed in the competition serve as basis for our project proposal: no more escape in ever more advanced theoretical discourse, but starting out with a concrete urban intervention, making use of the specific context and background of the two selected cities, liverpool and ivanovo. these two cities were chosen according to their diverse cultural background but similar problematics. shiftex develops a transfer-project between the two cities, working with–and at the same time undermining–common myths and projections of the "east" and the "west". 

shiftex consists of 3 steps over a period of about 1 ˝–2 years, developing specific urban tools from tactic (short term) to strategy (long term). the means/ urban tools applied enable spontaneous turns and shifts as important element to maintain tension and attention without falling into the trap of marketing the city as "eventopolis" once more.

shiftex 1_ an introductory publicity campaign with the first public event as opening of the project
shiftex 2_ an urban game for both cities in slight variantions
shiftex 3_ a specific project for each city