Radical Positioning,
Pavelhaus/ Laafeld, Austria


Video-backprojection / Indikatormobil

5’52 (loop)

Los Angeles > Laafeld/ Steiermark, 2004

"Radical Positionings" was curated by Marina Grzinic



“Impeccable” investigates geographical and social  borders and their translocations in reference to economical needs and wants. The video-loop was projected onto the Indikatormobil (transparadiso’s tool for direct urbanism), oscillating between  »found fiction« (based on T.C.Boyle’s »Tortilla Curtain«) and »documentatory fiction« (private recycling in Los Angeles) for an exhibition at Pavelhaus/ Styria in 2004, at the time when Slovenia joined the EU. It transfers the fears and longings from the US- Mexican border to the Austrian-Slovenian border, reiterating the universal issue of migration.