Europan 678

Exhibition Design and Opening Event
Planungswerkstatt Vienna, 2005



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Europan is a challenging and discourse oriented architecture competion on housing and urbanism for young architects with the goal to realize the project. The architects can choose from sites in 19 European countries.

The exhibition at the gallery of the urban planning department of the City of Vienna showed three levels of Europan: The current state of the recent winners and projects in the process of being constructed (Europan 6); the winning projects of Europan 7, and a presentation of the new sites in Austria for Europan 8 - for which certain features were developed, along with talks by Georg Schoellhammer and Klaus Ronneberger. Thus the exhibition design was extended towards the aspect of how to reach young architects interested in pushing forward the current discourse and the practice at the same time. The „model of actors“ as carriers of action were thus presented as a backdrop of the exhibition space., emphasizing architecture and urbanism as space of and for negotiation and communication.