Agentur: paratransdiso

Making It,
Wien, 2000



English text coming soon ... 

From Nov. 17-Dec.12, 2000 the agency paratransdiso, an agency for architecture as parallel strata, took over the business of the store at Schoenbrunnerstr.88a in Vienna. It facilitated and promoted processes maybe only existing for a short amount of time and vanishing quickly afterwards. The agency dealt with tasks that are not orientated on artistic architectural interventions, nor on art installations or on the site specificity of the store. The intervention was reduced to the necessary also in its physical/ building aspect.  Which position does architecture or its producers yield in the urban game of maximizing the value, .... and displacement? Which and whose values are being increased?

As proponents of a service society we offered:
empty stores were made available for temporary use by students, artists or for the presentation of b-products*, run by transparadiso and a newcomer.
organized and conceived events using the factor "entertainment" as easygoing carrier for more complex statements
"public paradormo":
a sleeping place in the storefront was offered also on an hourly basis.
originally the b-product* of a projekt for the MBA at the Danube-University-Krems, now synonym for the "enabler": being not only comfortable seating object but also "agression-deducter" and zen mediator the perable is the essential element of the agency.
with the p one could get rid of unwanted projects, no matter if they turned out to remain in the drawer or if the powerplay has turned against you. the paper shredder served as filling for the relaxation cushions of the "public paradormo"