Plastique Bertrand

MAK Center for Art and Architecture,
Los Angeles, 2004



David Thorne (chef)

Daniel Rothman (music)

Kay Sedia (entertainment)

transparadiso invited 14 special paying guests for the opening to the exhibition “mandatory” to an exclusive dinner which took place behind closed doors. A special dinner was created by the chef David Thorne and a food stylist, based on canned food which is notoriously considered to be bad taste - reminding of the 1970’s. The question of “good taste” inherent to social events like fundraising dinners in the art scene were topic of this exclusive evening – as well as the dependancy of art institutions from private donors and their effect on art production. The dinner was served in original tupperware dinner trays. The  tupperware drag queen Kay Sedia provided a special entertainment and the composer Daniel Rothman conceived a music piece based on the sound of dishes recorded in a Chinese restaurant in Los Angeles/ Chinatown. The sound came from the adjacent room - as if the even more interesting party happened in the other room...