HTBLA Hallstatt _extension of a highschool

competition, 3rd prize, 2009


Client: BIG (Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft)


Partner: Werkstatt Wien/ Arch.Markus Spiegelfeld

Team: Florian Lang, Marie-Teres Genser, Raffael Jan

The project refers to the small scale buildings in the area characterized by gable roofs. It transfers this element in various variations onto the rooftop of the extension building, creating a link between the existing oversized buildings of the highschool (specialized on woodworks) and the context of the neighborhood and the small town of Hallstadt which is situated in a special landscape context. This results in a specific interpretation of the urban design as a characteristic element of the new extension of the high school. The facades are conceived in wood, conveying the content of the school towards the urban space. The compact structure of interweaving the existing building with the new structure offers a spatially as well as in terms of energy economical solution.