Culture Bag

pilot project for "youth culture", 2001-2002
European cultural capital Graz 2003


Commissed by:
European Capital of Culture Graz 2003

The culture bag was conceived by transparadiso in collaboration with Sabine Ott as an element for access.all.areas.



Sabine Ott

The culture bag was the infrastructural link between the various temporary housing sites (outdoor bases) for youth culture for our project access.all.areas. (as part of the Cultural Capital Graz 2003) and the public baths. The title plays on the multiple meanings: in German culture bag also means the bag for toileteries. A multifunctional object mutating from a towel into a trendy skirt, a bag for the youth culture guide, a rain protection between outdoor bases and hygenic infrastructure, and informal code of the a.a.a. community.