curated by hoelb/ hoeb


Matthias Jahn
Snezana Tubic
Jan Watzek

In the frame of Close Link (a project by hoelb/hoeb) transparadiso addresses the exponentially growing flood of information: It becomes increasingly difficult to sort out information according to their meaning and the underlying interests of the authors. Structuring information and transporting it to possible recipients, as well as the question, which information is made accessible to which recipients is a crucial question when dealing with archives. The project archive of Close Link along with the situation of the sharing desks serves as dispositive for Botendienst Unplugged. Each weekend during the Steirischen Herbst transparadiso produced a magazine as limited edition, which connects contents from the growing archive of Close Link with the conversations that took place in the exhibition and with contributions by transparadiso. For producing the magazine transparadiso activated a hektograph a media which was often used for distributing underground pamphlets, and mixed this analog copying technique with contemporary digital copy methods. Thus every magazine is unique. The magazines were delivered personally to selected recipients of public life in Graz (art institutions, press, politics and health care) as mulitplyers and transparadiso will not distribute them digitally.