On the Slim Probability

Berlin-Karlshorst, 2014


Part of the game// projects and contributions by:
Angus Cameron, Brigitte Felderer, Freee, Ellie Harrison, Folke Köbberling & Tricia Middleton, Brandon LaBelle, Pia Lanzinger, Heinz Schütz, transparadiso, Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt

nGbK-project group:
Claudia Burbaum, Angus Cameron, Berit Fischer, Folke Köbberling, Pia Lanzinger, Olivia Plender

k48/ Vienna:
curated by Oliver Hangl

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5wHbyghwpo



Matthias Jahn;
Sabine Ott (performance object); Simone Klien (graphic design leaflet)

Betting is usually a manifestation of the desperate search for fortune. The more precarious the living conditions are, the more people tend to bet. Horseracing betting on the contrary often carries the patina of bygone glory, where poor and rich mingle. Gambling and the lack of calculability of the horses tend to juxtapose despair and short-term fortune – until the next bet. An entirely different free of charge bet is now on offer at the Karlshorst racetrack: a bet on the realization of a small situation as a break from the monotony of daily routine.

The winning bet was #1: revaluation contributes to the prsoperity of this quarter. The winning urban intervention was gilding a gully cover at the corner Treskower Allee/ Am Carlsgarten.

"Being ›part of the game‹ demands participation in a delimited, rule-bound space. Games are simplified representations of society within which particular relationships and practices are repeatedly and competitively rehearsed. Some games are just that: games and nothing more. But other games – those played with politics, money, power, space – affect us whether we are part of the game or not. Taking the city itself as the board on which to play. Six artistic positions will interrogate the meaning of the game itself, will enact the gamification of current issues, will ask about the possibility of not playing along, and will explore the various ways in which the city is always already a playground – a site for multiple, contrasting and conflicting games." (nGbK)


"On the slim probalitiy" was continued in Vienna in Nov.2014: the betting took place at k48 (on invitation by Oliver Hangl) and the winning bets were realized at the horse racetrack Krieau - in the midst of an area undergoing urban transformation:

bet #4: social justice > golfing for everybody
bet #3: on the winning side >prosecco and fingerfood in formerly rundown entrance