2021, Wien, Puchsbaumgasse

Quartier Bienvenue

1st Prize competition, 2017; Realization 2023-2025
In Dec. 2022 the construction site started officially after having been postponed due to various reasons

Building Socially

Client: WBV-GPA, EBG
Architects: transparadiso, M&S Architekten,
gerner°gerner plus

Landscape architecture: YEWO LANDSCAPES
Partners for social programs: Caritas (until 2020: Jugend am Werk)

Team transparadiso: Matthias Schatajew, Hannah Mucha, Ana Maria Mihalescu (until July 2022: Josef Zapletal, Bernhard Pavelka, Ana Maria Mihalescu, Yu Fang)

Building Physics: Dr.Pfeiler ZT GmbH
Civil Engineer: Buschina & Partner ZT Gmbh
Building Services Techniques: HTB Plan
Erich Zöhrer ZT

The "Quartier Bienvenue" is based on the concept of transparadiso, which propagates the coexistence of different generations of immigrants, recent refugees and "natives"; even though much has changed since the original planning (2017) due to the delay in realization, the concerns of the project are more relevant than ever: Migration and the plight of refugees (as we are currently experiencing dramatically since the war in Ukraine) will continue to accompany us and therefore call all the more for sustainable concepts of coexistence that link different cultural and social backgrounds and promote their exchange through specific offers.
We will realize this innovative quarter together with gerner°gerner plus and M&S Architekten, with the housing developers WBV-GPA and EBG.
Due to the long delay, the programs originally planned with Jugend am Werk and Caritas are now being adapted.

The Bienvenue quarter is located next to the Ankerbrotfabrik and Loft-City (close to the Bohemian Prater) and connects this urban development to the „Ankerbrotgründe“ (1982-85, architecture: Carl Appel et al.), a public housing quarter on the opposite side of the Puchsbaumgasse.
For this new urban quarter, we are developing new forms of housing (based on other cultures) that promote community and which we combine with social and cultural programs. We are working closely with local organizations. In addition to around 215 subsidized rental apartments, a hall of residence with 180 micro-apartments and associated communal facilities is being built for students. With this low-cost form of housing, we are making an important contribution to housing provision and facilitating the integration of the people living there into our society.

Common spaces / transparadiso
The multi-purpose room is available for cooking and eating together, seminars, workshops, lectures, (multilingual) readings, small performances (theater, music), etc.
The "second living room" on the ground floor offers a relaxed atmosphere for family celebrations, (children's) birthdays, collective soccer watching, etc., which are not possible in the private apartment. This promotes private communities and informal meetings, as the "second living room" is always open to residents. Access to the adjoining roof terrace provides additional collective open space.

Further communal rooms are available in building section 1-2/ 6th floor (M+S Architekten): a "sports room" (table soccer and ping pong) and in building section 4/ ground floor (gerner gerner) a children's playroom.

Open space

The open space develops gradually from public to intimate: from the urban boulevard (continuation of Anker-Boulevard) with seating and a youth playground to the intimate "Green Courtyard" with a communal garden inside the Bienvenue quarter. The passageway to Puchsbaumgasse (between BT3 and BT4) continues the green space of the "Ankerbrotgründe" residential complex opposite into the more private, higher "Grüner Hof" and thus strengthens the pedestrian circulation of the entire neighborhood. "Garden boxes" provide the "Green Cortyard" with storage space and a garden bassena.

Further open spaces and leisure facilities are located on the roofs:
On BT 4, a multifunctional sports field with evening lighting and a view of the Tangente; on BT 7, there is a collective terrace for the residents.