THE WALK, THE PARADE, THE PAVILION, THE STICKER: 16.09., Van Abbe Museum > Omomatopee, Eindhoven

THE WALK, THE PARADE, THE PAVILION, THE STICKER: 16.09., Van Abbe Museum > Omomatopee, Eindhoven

A Performative Walk & Risograph Sticker Printing Workshop & Exhibition
by Barbara Holub and Jaspar Joseph-Lester

From Van Abbe Museum to Onomatopee, Eindhoven
Sept.16, 15:30-18:00

Walk: Sat, Sept.16, 15:30 – 17:00
Meeting point: Van Abbe Museum,
Stratumsedijk 2, 5611 ND Eindhoven

Riso-Printing at Onomatopee:: 17:00-18:00

Opening of the exhibition: Sept.16, 18:00
Exhibition: Sept.17-–Oct.8, 2023
Location: Onomatopee Project Space,
Lucas Gasselstraat 2a, 5613 LB Eindhoven

Walks, parades, maps and stickers function as powerful tools. They can unearth how physical and immaterial forces are interwoven, and act as a forensic exercise that reveals elements of unnoticed livelihood, traces of profound mutations, and poetic moments that stand as (in)visible markers of the life of a city.

The walk between Van Abbe Museum and Onomatopee refers to WE PARAPOM! European Parade of Apple Trees, a flagship project by Barbara Holub for the European Capital of Culture Chemnitz 2025 (2021-23), and will look at specific urban conditions of two post-industrial cities, Eindhoven and Chemnitz (former Karl-Marx-City). At first glance, these two cities don’t appear to have any obvious connections or similarities. However, through the process of walking, parading and mapping we will begin to understand how the silent and ephemeral forces that meet us on the street speak of the causal connections that bind these two cities together. Through the walk we will explore specific topics of urban and social issues and hidden poetic moments in the neighbourhood by addressing and involving the community in active and critical modes of seeing, documenting and mapping.
The performative walk will be followed by a Riso printing workshop at Onomatopee, where there will be an opportunity to design and print stickers inspired by the walk.

The Walk, The Parade, The Pavilion and The Sticker, is a zine published by Onomatopee. The publication focuses on the walk as an artistic method and addresses the ambivalence between a ‘walk’ and a ‘parade’. It accompanies the performative walk, along with the screening of the videos Sky Pool by Jaspar Joseph-Lester and More Opportunities by Barbara Holub.

For more information see here.

The Walk, The Parade, The Pavilion and The Sticker is a project by Barbara Holub and Jaspar Joseph-Lester in collaboration with Van Abbe Museum and Onomatopee. Supported by SPACEX- Spatial Practices in Art and Architecture for Empathetic Exchange, MSCA Horizon 2020, European Funding for Research and Innovation.