2021, Forum Stadtpark Graz

NORMAL - Exhibition Forum Stadtpark

Exhibition at Forum Stadtpark, Graz:
Sept.01.-15, 2021

Production of Desires
Direct Urbanism
Cultural Spaces

Opening: 31.09.21, 19:00
Welcome: Claudia Gerhäusser
Introduction: Sabine Maria Schmidt (curator, Düsseldorf/ Chemnitz)
Exhibition: 01.09.21-15.09.21

orizzontale (Rom / I)
public works (London /GB) with Studio Magic (Graz / A)
TanzPflanzPlan AG (initiated by Georg Winter, D)
transparadiso (Graz, Vienna / A)

As the finale of NORMAL - direct urbanism x 4, on which we (orizzontale, public works, TanzPflanzPlan AG, transparadiso) have been working intensively since Sept. 2019, we are transporting the experiences of the urban interventions in Andritz, Waltendorf, Liebenau and Wetzelsdorf on the outskirts of Graz back into the centre and into the art context - into the Forum Stadtpark.
The concrete findings of the projects will be further discussed with the City of Graz and, if possible, implemented - for furthering a socially engaged urban development in Graz.

How can artistic urban interventions contribute to future-oriented and socially committed urban development? In order to meet current social challenges in urban planning, transparadiso developed the method of direct urbanism, in which direct action and planning intertwine.

The exhibition presents objects, specially developed tools, methods and various materials of the four artistic-urban interventions that were realised in cooperation with institutions and in participation with residents from spring 2020 to summer 2021 in Andritz, Waltendorf, Liebenau and Wetzelsdorf in order to foreground collective qualities and appropriation of public spaces beyond consumption.

Based on the research of transparadiso, the artists / architects addressed current urban issues that put the complexity of conflicting interests up for discussion and called for concrete action ("taking action"):

In the main square of Andritz, public works with Studio Magic carried out PLATZEN - School for Civic Action from July 12–17, 2021. Following on from the School for Civic Action that public works realised in Roskilde (DK) 2018-2020, in Andritz they posed the question of what role a main square in a district can play in relation to the main square of the city. For the exhibition, public works transported, among other things, the "wandering tower", which was visibly filled with panels of the people's wishes on the main square, from Andritz's main square back to the centre of the city. The sculpture, whose wishes ranged from obviously feasible to seemingly utopian ideas, was supplemented by concrete interventions by public works and Studio Magic, who were already creating new qualities of stay on the square through spontaneously built appropriation furniture. The desire for a "meeting zone" is currently being pursued further. A first citizens' action under the name "Blühende Straße Andritz" is already planned for September 2021.

transparadiso transformed the car park of the parish of St. Paul in the Eisteichsiedlung in Waltendorf from July 31–Aug.1, 2021 with the BambooKazas into the informal congress centre of the Third World Congress of the Missing Things. The urban emergency vehicle Indikatormobil was activated for the "congress centre"; dérives (see Situationists) explored hidden poetic moments in the Eisteichsiedlung, which shape the quality of this neighbourhood but are obviously missing things in current urban development. During the closing event the "Charter of the Missing Things" was handed over to the City of Graz for further discussion - especially for a non-commercial "village centre" as a place for community. The Charter is presented in the exhibition as a light box, as well as the canopy of the BambooKaza with photos of the congress, the „perspective-changers“ and other objects.

On the new beach at Grünanger in Liebenau, orizzontale opened FLUSSFLUSS - Castaway on the Mur as a permanent installation on June 11, 2021. The walkable floating tower FLUSSFLUSS marks the new beach as a landmark together with the canopy and a small floating island as an openly accessible structure that can actively used by the residents. In addition, orizzontale installed a long table and benches that also migrated to Andritz and Waltendorf as a collective element connecting to the other projects. In the exhibition, orizzontale presents the table with drawings, photos and posters on "What do you want from the Mur?" and the model of the landmark FLUSSFLUSS.

In Wetzelsdorf, the DancePlantPlan AG (initiated by Georg Winter) has already been working on the DancePlantPlan since spring 2020 and installed the DancePlantField. DancePlantPlan addresses living with the landscape and the process of rededicating agricultural land on the edges of the city into new housing developments, in contrast to urban gardening in the city centre. Through a variety of performative artistic interventions by DancePlantPlan AG, this unusual field was activated and cultivated with the residents of the neighbourhood. Now that the neighbours are interested in taking over the DancePlantField, the debate about another temporary use will thus move forward. In the exhibition, a field will be installed that shows various tools and elements of the DancePlantField and encourages its use in other contexts. During the show a "context shuttle" offers to take visitors from Forum Stadtpark directly to the DancePlantField in Wetzelsdorf

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